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2010 ACBSP sports injury symposium

Dr. Buchberger attended the 2010 ACBSP Sports Sciences Symposium from April 27 to May 2, 2010. He not only attended the symposium but was also a featured speaker. On April 29, 2010 Dr. Buchberger was one of four sports chiropractors that provided a review for candidates preparing to take their chiropractic sports certification examination. He provided a 2-hour review of sports injuries of the shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand.

On May 1st he gave a 90 minute presentation on the current scientific literature related to shoulder and elbow rehabilitation entitled “Upper Extremity Literature Update: Bridging the gap from manual to active rehabilitation”. This talk was given three times over the course of the day as part of three “breakout” sessions where attendees had the opportunity to choose from four talks going on simultaneously.

As the 2009 ACBSP Sports Chiropractor of the Year, Dr. Buchberger was honored to give the awards luncheon speech and announce the 2010 ACBSP SCOY Dr. Spencer Baron of Hollywood, Florida. Dr. Buchberger’s talk was entitled “Excellence”. His message of what it takes to succeed in practice and life was well received with a variety of positive comments as well as tears when he referenced the recent passing of his father and the impact his father had on his life.

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