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315-515-3117 Active Physical Therapy Solutions - 91 Columbus Street - Auburn NY

“After over 4 months of physical therapy for my total knee replacement, I didn’t have much flexibility in my knee. I then went to Active Physical Therapy Solutions and now thanks to them I have max use of my new knee in only 4 weeks of P.T.  The therapists at APTS have done an outstanding job getting my knee to where it should be!”

“The staff at Active P.T. Solutions’ knowledge is second only to their passion.  The entire staff makes you feel welcomed from the moment you enter.  Not only have the physical therapists at APTS treated my injuries, but they put me on a long term program to prevent the injury from re-occuring.”

“After Active Physical Therapy Solutions accurately diagnosed and explained my problem, I followed a 12-week physical therapy program that reduced my pain to a manageable level preventing an invasive surgery.  I continue my exercises at home and feel incredibly encouraged and educated about how to manage my pain and keep my body strong.  We are lucky to have such a premier physical therapy group in Auburn, NY!”

“My first impression of Active Physical Therapy Solutions was that of friendliness and attentiveness, which made me feel confident that I was on my way to a healthy and active life.  The entire staff’s professionalism and cutting edge techniques are a tribute to my success in physical therapy!”

“The therapists at Active P.T. Solutions are the best! I’ve come a long way in a few short months since I had my rotator cuff repair.  I can’t say enough good things about Dale, Maggie, Tom, Carolyn and the front desk staff.  They’re the best there is!”

“As a Dentist, my hands are very important to me.  The therapists at Active P.T. Solutions were able to treat my carpal tunnel without surgery which allowed me to keep working.  My hands feel great!”

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