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Buchberger Meets “Seal Team Six” Author, Wasdin

  • 2011

On September 10, 2011 Dr. Buchberger was invited to speak at the Colorado Chiropractic Association Convention. The convention drew more than 500 chiropractors from the Colorado and western United States region. Dr. Buchberger presented an 8 hour comprehensive workshop on the evaluation and management of shoulder disorders. Amongst the list of distinguished speaker was the luncheon speaker Howard E. Wasdin, DC Author of the book Seal Team Six and a member of the seal team from Blackhawk Down. Dr. Wasdin gave a motivating speech as well as telling the story of why he became a chiropractor after retiring from the US Navy Seals. Dr. Buchberger had an opportunity to meet and speak with Dr. Wasdin comparing chiropractic notes.

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