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APTS attends 1st Annual Wednesday Wellness Fair

  • 2012

On Wednesday, November 14, 2012 Maggie Whitehouse, PTA and Cara Cuthbert, Associate Director of Active Physical Therapy Solutions attended the 1st annual Wednesday Wellness Fair at the Hilton Garden Inn in Auburn, NY. The Wellness Fair was a huge success with over 40 vendors and service providers from all over Cayuga County. Carrie Lazarus made a guest appearance as keynote speaker. Since it was National Diabetes awareness day, her presentation focused mainly on the Diabetes epidemic that our country is facing. She offered simple ways to stay healthy as we approach our senior years as well as how to prevent and reverse early signs of Diabetes. Other presenters offered a variety of tips from beauty and holistic health to Diabetes 101. Maggie and Cara were conversing with attendees about what makes APTS different than traditional physical therapy practices. Our focus was to explain, demonstrate, and leave people with an understanding of why our three main forms of manual therapy, Active Release Techniques(ART), Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilzation (IASTM), and Extracorporeal Shock Wave (WellWave) are so effective. It was a great day and all who attended left with invaluable knowledge on achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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